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Not Dead

2015-02-07 11:55:20 by DrWaldo

Hello NG  it Has been sometime since ive posted or done much of anything up here.... Truth be told been going through some RL issues and times have been tough....Tho I have alot more ideas these days. Recently just uploaded a new track to soundcloud, Original Stuff but I have been itching to get back to VG remakes and what not... Let me know what you think.. Not sure when ill be starting up again but be on the look out :)

New Stuff

2012-12-29 21:35:46 by DrWaldo

Just a little up date on whats been going on ... ive been working on original stuff like a mad man ... Havent had much time for Remixes and what not... Be Sure To Check out my Soundcloud .. lots of new stuff up there

New Track Uploaded! ~DrWaLDo



2011-08-06 22:23:08 by DrWaldo

I gave Brinstar a Little update from the last version i put up
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/lis ten/435939


2010-09-16 13:24:59 by DrWaldo

I got in mind a few tracks that need updating

~Area O
~Cross Nether
~Kirby Boss Theme

Also got some more original tracks to upload
been busy since the internet was down so hope you enjoy.


Omg Weekly Artist

2010-07-08 22:53:09 by DrWaldo

omg this is crazy... i never thought i would get it but its a shame now tho cuz im currently without internet and yeah ..... but thanks for the honor NEWGROUNDS


2010-04-01 13:07:42 by DrWaldo

Man its been a rough year and a couple of months but it seems ive gotten back on track of things with release of Area I (Misty Rain)... I have a Few songs in the works atm... Oh Yeah I plan on fixing that kirby theme i recently put it up it is over the top loud lol... As for the beta it wouldnt be finish due to me and zr said we were doing seperate versions after what had happened .. I just wanted to show you guys what it was going to sound like if we ever did finish it. I already think the beta stands up well on its own but ahhh well anywayz thats my little update for the time being...


2010-02-19 09:08:21 by DrWaldo

Hey every1.... ive been here and there with some new tracks. Having some trouble getting things together lol been so long >.< but i will try have something together soon


2009-03-26 13:05:02 by DrWaldo

Yeah for a little while... Getting rdy to move and all that jazz but I do have something plan in the future

Its Finally Done

2009-02-11 21:49:27 by DrWaldo

Area O
I finally completed my area o remix soo go check it out :D

Whats been going on

2009-01-26 09:58:13 by DrWaldo

Airman (fixed) I finally got around to fixing this lol. It Would have been up earlier but NG was being weird and wouldnt let me change it o well.

Now Big News sorta >_>;;

Ive been working hard on this Area O Remix. I guess you can call it a new step for me. Im not sure when it will be finish but I will say this so far it sounds pretty sweet. The only other person to hear it so far is ZR lol, But he heard a early version of it lol